Ramps & Walkways

Well-built ramps and walkways increase the accessibility of your home. Whether your current walkway is over uneven terrain or steps into your home prove to be a hindrance, we can help with high-quality building services that get the job done right.

Increase Accessibility with a Ramp

Stairs pose a serious problem to someone with accessibility issues. They are impossible to navigate for someone in a wheelchair and can prove difficult or even impossible for residents and visitors with impaired mobility. The experts at Blight Built provide comprehensive ramp and walkway building services to help improve your home’s accessibility.

Wheelchair Ramps

A properly constructed wheelchair ramp will ease the stress of getting in and out of your home for wheelchair-bound residents and guests. Wheelchair ramps can be constructed to provide access from the garage into the home, at the home’s exterior doors, or even inside the home itself to navigate transitions from room to room. We can construct ramps for any setting with the proper slope and width to make accessing your home a breeze.

Threshold Ramps

Most homes have an entry threshold of 2 inches. A small threshold ramp will make navigating this barrier easier.

Walkway Ramps

Stairs can be a barrier for many people with mobility issues. The incline can be difficult for those with arthritis, the elderly, or anyone with a disability. A walkway ramp, often shorter and narrower than a wheelchair ramp, can ease these difficulties.

Improved Walkways

Whether in a wheelchair or not, uneven terrain can be dangerous for those with impaired mobility. We can assess your home’s problem areas and design walkways that meet your family’s needs.

Blight Built offers complete ramp and walkway services in and around Columbia, South Carolina. We design, construct, repair and replace ramps and walkways of all sizes and to fit all needs. When Blight Built builds your ramp or walkway, you will have your choice of personalized options including safety bars, easy-to-grip handles and many more devices to increase the accessibility of your home. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your unique needs and assess your home’s accessibility issues. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate from one of our caring, experienced professionals.