Deck Repair

Homeowners and property owners want to enjoy their decks for a lifetime. However, most decks require regular maintenance to avoid deck problems and replacement. Get the help you need to maintain the beauty and integrity of your deck with our fully licensed, professional team, known for their quality craftsmanship and expertise in deck repair projects in and around Columbia, SC.

Blight Built Deck Repairs

Our experts offer affordable carpentry services to handle any repair or construction project. All Blight Built customers receive:

  • A Free Estimate prior to beginning any deck repair
  • A Blight Built Guarantee of customer satisfaction for all contracted work
  • A deck repair that meets your specifications

Enjoy peace of mind using the deck repair professionals at Blight Built in West Columbia, SC.

Unfortunately, decks, like homes and cars, need maintenance. If you need to repair a worn out weather-beaten deck, our specialists can repair severe fading and discoloration, twisted boards, deck damage and nail pops that often occur over time. It is possible to renew the beauty of your existing deck with a few professional deck maintenance tips and deck repairs.

Here are some things you should know about deck maintenance:

  • Decks can be thoroughly cleaned with a specially made deck wash and brightener and a gentle scrub down prior to the application of a deck sealer
  • Placing a good sealer on your deck every one to two years will help prevent many deck problems
  • Replacing popping nails with 5 inch screws provides additional nail grip
  • Straightening twisted boards rather than replacing with all new boards will help keep the appearance of the lumber used on the deck consistent

Contact a Blight Built Professional

Discuss your specific deck repair needs and enjoy your deck without distraction or worry. Understand what can be done to restore the beauty and structural integrity of your original deck and when replacing a deck is your best option. Our honest professionals are there for all your deck repair needs. Contact us today to discuss your deck repair needs, investigate our available services or schedule an appointment.