Treated Lumber

If you are planning on installing a deck or upgrading an existing one treated lumber is by far one of the best options. While treated lumber may initially be more expensive, over time, it can help save you money.

Different Types and Styles of Treated Lumber Decks

There are five different types of treated lumber:

  1. Pressure Treated
  2. Dura Color
  3. Kiln Dried
  4. Sill Plate
  5. Borate

Benefits of Treated Lumber Decks

Each of the five types of treated lumber offer unique benefits. Before you contact the professionals at Blight Built, do some research and decide which type of treated lumber suits your project and your property best. Here are some of the benefits of each to help you decide:

Pressure Treated

  • More natural looking
  • Less eroding for fasteners
  • Retains its beauty longer than other types of treated lumber

Dura Color

  • Provides superior quality
  • Long lasting color
  • Environmental friendly
  • Deters termites and rot
  • Helps prevent fungal decay
  • Looks great with aluminum fasteners

Kiln Dried

  • Protection against rot, decay, and termites
  • Compatible with carbon steel and aluminum fasteners
  • Water repellent

Sill Plate

  • Guaranteed to prevent termites
  • Prevent rot and decay
  • Does not require special handling


  • Protects treated lumber from rot and decay
  • Prevents numerous bugs, such as – carpenter ants, termites, cockroaches, and wood-boring beetles
  • Compatible with the fasteners used for untreated wood

Installing Your Treated Lumber Deck

The professionals at Blight Built can help you select the right type of treated lumber to guarantee your satisfaction while staying on time and on budget.

To set up an appointment for a free estimate, contact the experts at Blight Built in West Columbia, SC today.